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General Info

Here at Sleepy Hollow our dogs are a part of our family.  We take pride in our dogs and in raising nice puppies that will be suitable for everyone.  We request that everyone that is interested in getting a cattle dog do their research to make sure this is the right dog for you and your family.  They are some of the best dogs in the world but they are not for everyone.  They are very loving, loyal, and protective dogs that can also be very active.  We have always loved cattle dogs and have owned and raised them for many years.  We try to match our puppies with the needs of their new owner depending on what you are looking for and expect out of your new ACD.  We keep our puppies here with us until they are 8 weeks old to assure that they get off to the best possible start.  We do not and will NOT dock tails.  ACD's use their tail to assist with their natural balance.  When you purchase a puppy from Sleepy Hollow Cattle Dogs it will come with documents to apply for AKC registration.  It will be dewormed and will have had its age appropriate vaccinations.  They will be transitioned over to all dry puppy food and will be eating well. We feed Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20 (for all life stages) to our adult dogs and to our puppies.  They are handled daily and given lots of special attention and TLC.  We de-worm our puppies with Strongid starting at 3 weeks of age and then every 2 weeks as long as they are with us, we also deworm them with a 3 day course of Panacur before they leave.  We vaccinate them at 7 weeks of age and then again every 3 weeks as long as they are with us or until they are 16 weeks old.   We do microchip all puppies before they are picked up or shipped. 

As I said earlier our dogs are a part of our family and if at any time you are unable to keep your Sleepy Hollow Cattle Dogs you may notify us and we will accept it back with no additional charge to us the breeder and we will place them in a new loving home.  We would hate for our puppies to end up in the wrong hands. 

We love to keep in touch with our puppies and their new families.  We love to see them as they grow and change so please feel free to write and send as many pictures as you like throughout your dogs life. 

We are always glad to help new owners in any way so please don't hesitate to call or write with any questions at any time.

Health Testing

All of our breeding dogs have been tested for PRCD/PRA, PLL & RCD-4 (all for eyes) and their status is listed on each dogs personal page.  All puppies raised by us will either be PRCD/PRA, PLL, and RCD-4 Clear or Carrier and will have no possibility of ever being affected by any of these diseases.  We also do OFA or PennHip for Hips and OFA Elbows.  Puppies will also be BAER tested for hearing before leaving.    


Our prices for puppies start at $1800 for limited registration and $2500 + for full registration.  We do require that our puppies carry the Sleepy Hollow kennel name on the AKC registration, following Sleepy Hollow you will be able to choose the name of your liking.  Please let us know up front if you want full registration (breeding or showing rights) for your new puppy.


We do require a deposit of $100.00 after the litter arrives to hold a puppy.  We also take depsoits on upcoming litters to secure your spot and determine pick order.  Pick will be based on the order that the deposits are received.  Deposits can be made through Venmo or Paypal (please add 3% to the payment amount if using Paypal), Postal Money Order or Certified Bank Check.  Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE!!  The deposit will be applied to the total amount due and balance will be due in cash at pick up.  Final balance is preferred to be paid in cash but can be made with a credit card if needed but there is an additional 4% fee.  We do not accept personal checks! 


We welcome anyone that wants to make the trip to pick up their new family member but we do offer shipping by ground or air to those that the trip is too far.  We also have quite a few ground shippers that we work with, pricing for deliver is based on your location.  Please check with us to get more info on ground shipping.  If your puppy is to be shipped, payment is due in full by the time the puppy is 6 weeks old in order to allow time to prepare and complete all travel arrangements and requirements so that your new baby can make the journey to its new home when it is 8 weeks old.  We will try to work with you to ship when it is most convenient for you.


We do offer a 1 year health guarantee on our puppies.  Please contact us for more information on our guarantee. 






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